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How long does a tattoo take me

In the following pictures I will state how long each piece took to do in an attempt to show the difference in time depending on style.

Here is a collage in which you can see the progress of this half sleeve session by session.  Trash Polka is a very addictive style for me. All this together took about eight hours.

(Click on the pictures to see them full size).


This next sleeve started about five years ago, great feeling of accomplishment to see it finished. Since it has taken so long to complete, I have no clear idea of how long all of this took. I should also mention that the barbed wire tribal was there before me.


Up next, this forearm was done all the way around in the span of three consecutive days for a total of eleven hours of tattooing. Much pain, much fun, much Rawesomeness.

(click for larger image)


Skeleton tree wrapping up a leg alongside another piece that I did last year. This took about eight hours.


Next his forearm piece too just three hours to do, wrist to arm bend:


Seven hours it took to do this very traditional Japanese design. Getting those solid blacks in there is time consuming but the results speak for themselves:


Here is a good example of how small detail takes time, this piece is just about 4×4 inches and took three and a half hours. Half deep diving suit and half astronaut.  The devil is in the details!


To totally contrast the time above, this large piece  only took four hours to complete.  It’s all in the style, not the size that time gets taken in art. This piece has detail, lots of it, but is large and spread out making it much faster to complete.


Sugar skull on the inside of a forearm, about three hours.


Six and a half hours for this very detailed half-forearm wrap around. Small detail takes time!


This sleeve has been worked on during the past two years. Not complete yet and my guestimate on how long it has been is about fifteen hours or a bit more.  There’s a lot going on in this one.


Mandala-like lotus with stippling shading, two hours.


Tattoos take different amount of times for so many different reasons. From design to placement to clients skin type there’s a myriad of things we tattooers have to take into consideration and work with.

Thanks for looking!


New Studio Up and running!

We are now open, finally after a very laborious and tedious process I can concentrate on tattooing again. After ten years of working in the Orlando area, we finally have our own spot.


We are at 1720 North Goldenrod Rd Suite 1,  across the street from the Circle K where strange things are always afoot.


We are just getting started with decorating, we have some pretty cool ideas in store for this place. ShopShot1 ShopShot2

As of writing this we have been open for two weeks, and what two weeks have it been!  Being getting some pretty cool pieces and finishing some other awesome ones that were in the works:

I was introduced to this “trash polka” style recently and I have head over heels fallen in love with it. Here is some Alice in Wonderland action done in that style:


I applied some of that same flavor to this little piece compacted with detail:


This was the next addition to this overall work in progress. All work done by me. damienShot

This Egyptian Pharaoh piece is also a cover up, there was some not very nice lettering  underneath this pyramid:


This next one was done all in one session, took five hours:




This next cover up work is one of my favorites ever, was very cool how this worked out:






Color anchor back of calf, took two hours:




Love doing them skulls here are couple of new ones:





and a dancing one:


This next one was a blast to do, very unique idea:


The “Struggle” is very real.

This story begins on  Wednesday, November 18th 2015, the week before Thanksgiving.   I was as usual tattooing inside my little 17’x6′ rectangle of joy that I had been working out of for the past four years, when the news came to me that the Kokopelli Salon was moving in a week! For whatever reason the salon needed to move somewhere else, immediately,  which left me and my sub-lease in limbo, nowhere to go.

Having now enjoyed six years of independent ink slinging, I wasn’t about to change things, not taking any steps back.  So the search for a spot to open up a shop began.

Looking for a spot to tattoo out of in Orlando (I imagine in a lot of other places) is quite difficult.  Most of the time I mentioned the word “Tattoo” to a landlord, the conversation would take  a complete 180, you’d think I was asking for a place to conduct human sacrifices or hold a local Isis meeting.

Eventually we found a spot that looked great for our purposes. It was ample, open, and out of the way, and according to the county zoning department, it was all good!   The landlord of course, wanted nothing to do with a Tattoo Shop. After a winded speech about how I conduct business, and promises that this wouldn’t be a “circus” style shop, he agreed to let us take the spot with one condition: We were not to display the word “TATTOO” anywhere on the outside of the business. Thus the name of the shop  Kallisti BODY ART.

We were all exited, finally the quest was over and we could concentrate on fixing up the place.  So we did, and by January 7th the shop was all set up and even passed the State Health board inspection, we got our State Permit!

Here is the location from the outside:20160125_180717

This is how we got it:  20151217_120623

Action shot:






This was the place right after passing our inspection:




We were all overjoyed and ready to start tattooing, only one thing remained, the County Tax Occupational License, which is never a problem, you just pay and get a paper, like  anything else.

Once we went in person to the Zoning Department, all of the sudden the song and dance changed on us. We’ve called  zoning to verify that the location was allowed to be a tattoo shop 4 times, that’s  right, FOUR times before signing the lease on the place, even half hour before putting pen to paper, this is serious business after all. Every time we called and gave them the address 5718 Old Cheney Highway, they confirmed that the zoning was right for the business, but this day, after we have gone through all we had, they deadpan face tell me that the location is not permitted for tattooing. This girl pulls up some ordinance “Semoran/50 overlay ordinance” that states that a Tattoo shop cannot open there.

Our world crumbled right then and there. We had just spent a lot of money on fixing up the place, signed a three year lease, there was insurance, equipment and so on…. I can’t say that it wasn’t one of the worse moments of my life.  You know what made it worse, it was that damn look of sadistic satisfaction that a government employee gets in their eyes when they know you are fucked, ever see that South Park with the Comcast customer service guys? It was just like that.

After a horrible couple of hours of lamenting, crying  and angry ranting, we composed ourselves and got back to it. You either bend with the wind like bamboo or snap by your own rigidity, so bend we did.

We called everyone we could, I even got commissioner Tony Ortiz on the phone, who was very understanding, thought that we had a dis-service done to us, but that was as far as that went.  The manager of the zoning department called to apologize, but nothing could be done to change what happened.

We have a new location already, but I won’t announce anything until is all good and ready. This place is more centrally located, so I guess the universe don’t want me hiding in a corner any longer. The new place is under construction so it won’t be ready for us until March, but it will be worth the wait!

Here are some mandatory tattoo pictures:

10013343_1138962756138670_1915436372391119506_n1382143_1155263711175241_3763267932777139343_n 1915745_1138088749559404_8491650075603197383_n  10300427_1144501905584755_7579817669614614365_n 11235000_1131915520176727_7340233424422213259_o 12299387_1133144053387207_4711428077117729588_n 12341548_1133144070053872_838126819447620485_n 12357219_1135021239866155_415959633706506993_o 12622445_1159143864120559_8020795743012549276_o20151110_16293120151111_17532820151112_152407-120151112_20285720151114_19110720151117_164926-120151118_16334520151121_190111-120160113_20224220160114_175448animegirl






Specializing in art, not just tattooing, not one style. Fuck genre.

I’ve always been a “shop artist,” meaning I am open to pretty much anything that comes through the door and thus never became rigidly bound by one single style.

Art in general encompasses so much, and to bound myself within a box, well for that I’d do something else for a living.

It’s been too long since my last post so it seems  proper to start this post with the colored version of this tattoo that has been in the main page for the past six months.


It still needs a few minor details and we can call it finished.

Here is a  lioness that will be part of a half sleeve:


This shows a piece in progress from drawing to shading.

Color and background are still to come.

11193430_1009883745713239_4224685348771862564_n 11163915_1045264985508448_5439071987484138077_n11221721_1068787216489558_880840819879225736_n

Next up is this under the sea half sleeve, sketch and work up to shading shown. There’s a bit of a cover up going on under the coral. Color still to come.


Here is a pin up  illustration I did for my T shirt Brand:


And another:


You can get these at or

Here is a bit of cover up work on an ankle.





I waited about a year before i got to finish this Samurai/Dragon piece. Very happy to be done. It bugs me terribly to have unfinished pieces roaming around!


Here is the upper part of an Ancient Egypt themed sleeve, exited to see it finished:


A lady angel:



A vampire Ducky and the Owl that sits next to it:


Some sacred Geometry:


Here are some Star Wars inspired Tarot cards done in acrylics (9x12in each):


I designed some borders and had them made into a sticker sheet:


A  commemorative half sleeve:


I had posted this unfinished before, here she is all done:


Japanese full sleeve, getting there!


Butterflies with the crowd pleasing drop shadows:


Another angel, this time a bad ass one:


This lady need no introduction:


This next piece was finished last year, though I never posted a pic of it before on this site:


This one is about two years old, but again never posted it on this site and who doesn’t like Goku? (better have some chicken nuggets)


Lotus flower among the smoke:


Sniper Snake:


And that’s it for now. I will try and be back for more soon. No promises.

I will leave you here with this, a discount card for your next tattoo session. Just print it and bring it to me so I can sign it and its good to go. I will only sign 7 of these:

coupon card




Now THAT’s an adventure you can smell in the air!

Started this Fire Rescue Chest piece. Color work to begin next. FiremanProgress1

Warrior angel chick.


I did the center piece about seven years ago, we did the elephant and horse in two separate sessions during the past two weeks.


This is about 3.25 inches tall, or maybe smaller, I forget.


At another session we added the beads and this charm.


Cute Owl



Star of David




Made some progress on this sleeve.


This goes around the inside of the arm, right against the armpit, and its only about 3.5 inches tall on the inside. I forgot like a fool to photograph the outside.  evanfb

This is the beginning of what will be a very cool half sleeve. Had to start by getting rid of some unwanted old ink. Once the color comes in, it’ll be pretty hard to tell there was something there.


Thanks for stopping by!

Sink a fork in me.



I don’t know…

Started week with this freehand root work, studded with little animals. It’s got ants, armadillidiidae (rolly poly), earth worms, and other crawly things.

Just the line work so far:


Finally got to work on this piece again, finished coloring in the Horus Hawk and Globe.





Here is a detail pic of Seth’s other ha;f sleeve. Lots of miniature detail in this one.


Some roman numerals along the shoulder line:


This piece is gonna be real cool when finished. An Owl moth mixed in with mandala type art under the breast area. Here is the line work:


Almost done with the upper part of this, next session we will be working on spilling it down past the elbow.


Finished the ink week with this little cover up. I wish I had taken a before, but I do have pics of my tracings and drawing leading up to the cover up.


Lastly, here is a sketch of something cool I got cooking:


It’s a vampire theme ladies half sleeve. Will post more as it develops.

That’s it for now, sink a fork in me.

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Short and Sweet.

I’m real busy with drawing new cool upcoming pieces so I’ll keep last week’s recap brief, as it was a brief tattoo week either way.

Started out with the fist session on this ornate filigree style pocket watch.


There’s a lot more detail going into this, can’t wait to finish it.

Mandalas are all the rage now, here is some sketches I did for someone that asked me for one last week. “E” is a little suggestive.

Mandalas copy

She ended up going with A, and here is the result:


I thoroughly enjoyed doing the pointillism  shading.

Next up is a picture of a tattoo I did 4 years ago, got to see it again as I was summoned for a new piece on the same canvas. Here it is 4 years in the skin:


Got to work some more on this add-on half sleeve project, coming along with the new stuff, gonna have to go in for some contrast correction on the dragon’s head area.


Ended the tattoo week with a quick cute clown chick to fill in space in an already in progress sleeve.  This is the first tattoo I do on this arm, hope to keep the theme going.


Here is a preview at something I got cooking at the moment:


It’s gonna be cool!

Thanks again for stopping by!

Sink a fork in me.






The Wheel in the sky keeps on turning.

Just like that the first month of 2015 is gone. Quarterbacks make horrible plays and we are now left awaiting St. Valentine’s Day.  I will be posting some type of special for the occasion,  so come back soon to check that out.

Started the week tattooing my lovely wife, who got this little family motif on her cute little foot.



Did some more work on this sleeve, I believe this will be the last time I work on this piece until next fall.

Added some California palm trees, a bit of mountains and a city scape to tie in these forearm elements.


I’m quite happy with the way the Hollywood sign healed.

Next is another sleeve that I started this year. This is the second time we put needle to skin on this project.  Here it is so far:


Next I FINALLY got to put in the final touches on this sleeve. About a year and a half in the making.

ShannonsArm copy

I really enjoyed putting this together. Hope you guys like!

For the following piece I was given a picture of a tattoo to replicate. This is a fathers memorial tattoo for his son, that passed away from cancer. He requested that it looked exactly, but I drew it two ways, one way just as it was, one way as I would do it. He chose my rework, which I was glad for. I think his son would be happy he chose that too.


This next piece I put together sometime last year, and it has been sitting in my computer waiting to be inked. Here is the result of the first session.  Wicked witch from Wizard of Oz, collage of poppies and  flying monkeys.


And lastly for the week, here is a pair of alternating/matching couple infinity name tattoo.


Thanks again for stopping by, remember to check in soon for a Valentines day special coupon!






21 Days to make a habit.

Almost 9:30pm, been working non-stop since 9am, but I’ll be damned if I don’t keep up this weekly post! They say it takes twenty-one days of repeating a behavior before it becomes a habit. I wonder if I’m at that mark with this post or would it be at the twenty-first post that this task will become a must do, like brushing my teeth. None of this has anything to do with anything, and so here are the pictures from last weeks tattoo work.

Got to work on this Japanese sleeve a little more, it’s coming along pretty good.  This is my favorite point, I like to call it the coloring book stage. All the tedious line work is out of the way, and the life giving shading can begin.


That weird mask looking thing in the bicep there is called a Daruma Doll, a representation of the dude that began Zen Buddhism in Japan. The tradition is that you get the doll with blank eyes, you make a wish or goal and fill in one of the eyes. Once this wish / goal is gained you then proceed to fill in the remaining eyeball. I had no idea about any of this, learned it all looking into it, making sure I knew what I was tattooing. Thanks to my sister for the translations!

Here is a pic of an actual doll:

This next piece, came to me with just the center pieces, which you can distinguish by their old and blown out look. He was very concerned because it came to his attention that these design were off centered and unbalanced on his arm. My solution here was to add something that would give the illusion of symmetry by distracting with complexity. In this final session we did some touch ups and added a light shading “frame” around the whole thing.


Afterwards, we took some time to fix another little thing on his upper back.


Here is a little Sanskrit  with an Om


I was supposed to work on an Egyptian half sleeve, but life often happens and things gotta get postponed. Just in case anyone is following the narrative and notices I was supposed to post pics, but haven’t. Just in case.

I did however get to start a cool new project, whose fist step in the ten thousand needle poke journey was this flower here. The leaves with the lady bugs were already there, I’m blending them in into the whole as we go along.


This next piece, I did not start nor design. It was extremely  faded and falling apart for lack of contrast when it came to me. I have put in about 6 to 8 hours of fixing into it at this point.


And lastly for the week, worked on the zentangle style half sleeve, one of my most different projects in recent times.  Finally got some shading and texture effects happening.


Got some stickers and T-shirts made with the Kokopelli tattoo dude (Kokopellink, as I like to call him). Pass by the salon and I’ll hook you up with a free sticker. They are printed with white on clear vinyl, so they are great on almost any color surface… but white.

2015-01-26 14.33.34

This one is on my home studio door.

Tees are 10 bucks if ya wanna pick one up, sizes S to 3xl. I will be giving some away, as I did last week, once in a while through the FaceBook. Follow me there if you want a chance to win one.


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Click here for the TATTOO GALLERY.










Blood, Brains, and Whale rolls.

I started the tattoo week by  doing another one of these to finish a Father / Son matching tattoo project.


Added a little background to this octopus I tattooed about two months ago.



This next piece started last year with a re-coloring of the dragon piece, and two weeks ago with outline of the turtle. This session we tied it all together by adding a body to the dragon and other background elements.



The following picture is a healed shot of a project I started about three months ago. I will be working on adding the bottom part of the composition this coming week.



That was it for last week as far as ink work.  I was plenty busy with a large order of T-shirts  for Club Boost,  planning and creating the decorations for my oldest son’s Arrow of Light Cub Scout ceremony, and hanging out with the family that came up from Miami for the event.

Here he is with Chief Buffalo Wind going over the points of the scout law.


SeaWorld was allowing you to bring one person with you for every family pass member this weekend, so we took Grandpa and Uncle along to see the whales being abused.

Here is a shot of the mistreatment in action.


A little Popsicle action for a new tee design:



Got some cool stuff lined up this week, come back and check it out!