How long does a tattoo take me

In the following pictures I will state how long each piece took to do in an attempt to show the difference in time depending on style.

Here is a collage in which you can see the progress of this half sleeve session by session.  Trash Polka is a very addictive style for me. All this together took about eight hours.

(Click on the pictures to see them full size).


This next sleeve started about five years ago, great feeling of accomplishment to see it finished. Since it has taken so long to complete, I have no clear idea of how long all of this took. I should also mention that the barbed wire tribal was there before me.


Up next, this forearm was done all the way around in the span of three consecutive days for a total of eleven hours of tattooing. Much pain, much fun, much Rawesomeness.

(click for larger image)


Skeleton tree wrapping up a leg alongside another piece that I did last year. This took about eight hours.


Next his forearm piece too just three hours to do, wrist to arm bend:


Seven hours it took to do this very traditional Japanese design. Getting those solid blacks in there is time consuming but the results speak for themselves:


Here is a good example of how small detail takes time, this piece is just about 4×4 inches and took three and a half hours. Half deep diving suit and half astronaut.  The devil is in the details!


To totally contrast the time above, this large piece  only took four hours to complete.  It’s all in the style, not the size that time gets taken in art. This piece has detail, lots of it, but is large and spread out making it much faster to complete.


Sugar skull on the inside of a forearm, about three hours.


Six and a half hours for this very detailed half-forearm wrap around. Small detail takes time!


This sleeve has been worked on during the past two years. Not complete yet and my guestimate on how long it has been is about fifteen hours or a bit more.  There’s a lot going on in this one.


Mandala-like lotus with stippling shading, two hours.


Tattoos take different amount of times for so many different reasons. From design to placement to clients skin type there’s a myriad of things we tattooers have to take into consideration and work with.

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