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I don’t know…

Started week with this freehand root work, studded with little animals. It’s got ants, armadillidiidae (rolly poly), earth worms, and other crawly things.

Just the line work so far:


Finally got to work on this piece again, finished coloring in the Horus Hawk and Globe.





Here is a detail pic of Seth’s other ha;f sleeve. Lots of miniature detail in this one.


Some roman numerals along the shoulder line:


This piece is gonna be real cool when finished. An Owl moth mixed in with mandala type art under the breast area. Here is the line work:


Almost done with the upper part of this, next session we will be working on spilling it down past the elbow.


Finished the ink week with this little cover up. I wish I had taken a before, but I do have pics of my tracings and drawing leading up to the cover up.


Lastly, here is a sketch of something cool I got cooking:


It’s a vampire theme ladies half sleeve. Will post more as it develops.

That’s it for now, sink a fork in me.

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There is no History, only Biography.

My tattoo week began working on this Classic Hollywood themed sleeve.   You can see the James Dean I did last month here fully healed, and the Hollywood sign that we just added this day.


Here is a wider shot of the arm as it stands now. I’ve done it all except for the Marylin portrait.


Next up is this Japanese Sleeve that I posted the drawing process for last week. This is 2.5 hours into tattooing it.


Some pots, pans, and an egg.


A Traditional-ish Compass rose Sun


Another very fun sleeve. This one I had not worked on since about this same time last year. Can’t wait to see it all done, so much more to come.


Lastly for the week, a very modern classic design. I believe this to be the first popular ambigram, before they became wide spread.

(Life / Death)


That’s another week at the Salon. Got some cool new projects to start drawing this week, will post some stuff if the universe allows me the time.

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