Now THAT’s an adventure you can smell in the air!

Started this Fire Rescue Chest piece. Color work to begin next. FiremanProgress1

Warrior angel chick.


I did the center piece about seven years ago, we did the elephant and horse in two separate sessions during the past two weeks.


This is about 3.25 inches tall, or maybe smaller, I forget.


At another session we added the beads and this charm.


Cute Owl



Star of David




Made some progress on this sleeve.


This goes around the inside of the arm, right against the armpit, and its only about 3.5 inches tall on the inside. I forgot like a fool to photograph the outside.  evanfb

This is the beginning of what will be a very cool half sleeve. Had to start by getting rid of some unwanted old ink. Once the color comes in, it’ll be pretty hard to tell there was something there.


Thanks for stopping by!

Sink a fork in me.



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