There is no History, only Biography.

My tattoo week began working on this Classic Hollywood themed sleeve.   You can see the James Dean I did last month here fully healed, and the Hollywood sign that we just added this day.


Here is a wider shot of the arm as it stands now. I’ve done it all except for the Marylin portrait.


Next up is this Japanese Sleeve that I posted the drawing process for last week. This is 2.5 hours into tattooing it.


Some pots, pans, and an egg.


A Traditional-ish Compass rose Sun


Another very fun sleeve. This one I had not worked on since about this same time last year. Can’t wait to see it all done, so much more to come.


Lastly for the week, a very modern classic design. I believe this to be the first popular ambigram, before they became wide spread.

(Life / Death)


That’s another week at the Salon. Got some cool new projects to start drawing this week, will post some stuff if the universe allows me the time.

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Sink a Fork in Me.


Drawing a Custom Japanese Sleeve

I was asked recently for one of my favorite things to do, a Japanese sleeve. Here is a little documentation of the designing process.

We fist met up for a consultation to clear up ideas and make sure that I understood what he was looking for. I sent him home with the homework of finding images that he liked of the motifs he wanted, this allows me to get a feel for the aesthetic taste of the client, which in turns saves me from wasting time with drawings based on assumptions of taste, or restrictions of my own preferences, which would also miss the mark a lot of times.

Once he found all the reference, he emailed them to me, and we set up another consult. At this point we discussed how things were going to lay on his arm, and how they would relate to one another.  Took some measurements and came up with this layout:


I then took this and quickly laid down the main shapes onto his arm and took a tracing


Earlier this week it was time to start drawing. So I printed out all my reference material and started to sketch.

Taking shape here already.


And this was the final sketch, ready to be made into a clean line drawing.


All this took about three to four hours, and not tattooing had been done yet.  We did start the tattoo this week, I will be posting the pics from our fist session, along with all the new work of the week, come Monday.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!

– Ez

Enter 2015

Here is the rundown for the first week of the tattoo year. Click on images to see them at full resolution.

On Tuesday the 30th the week started with a second 3 hours session on this Ocean adventure sleeve. Big Kraken octopus and very ominous clouds. Heh.


After I got to start another sleeve on a good friend of mine. This familiar image I have rendered in skin countless times by now, so I made sure to try and find a picture to work off that offered a different camera angle at the least.  This one worked well for the space/area where it was going to sit. The faces on this figures are about the size of a dime. We left the wings for the next session as we didn’t have time this day.


The action behind door 9 3/4 on January 1st :


In a previous post I showed you guys the sketch for this piece, here seen after two hours and seven minutes of ink work. I would have liked to have gotten further than this on the first sitting, but being his first tattoo I think he did quite well.


Next up is another piece in progress I posted recently, here with yet another session of work added. A little bit more still to come.


Some baby footprints off a birth certificate:


This is new to me, first once I’ve ever been asked to do, a Japanese style turtle:


And to finish off the week, a simple cross behind the ear.




That was my fist week of 2015. Thanks to everyone as always for choosing me as their permanent body modifier.

Til next time, sink a fork in me.





Two lady half sleeves in progress.

Hello. I haven’t finished many projects recently, but here is a peek at a couple of pieces in the works.

This is a fun ongoing project, a Zentangle style half sleeve. Synchronicity brought me to a book on the subject the same day I was getting ready to design this. Just so happend I had to return some library books and I always check the art section shelf. Although the whole method they try to sell you for about $60 seems to me a rip-off, I find the basic idea very appealing, especially to those who think they don’t have any artistic ability. So if you like to doodle or would like to, check out Zentangle; YouTube has of course, plenty of videos on the subject.

Here is the half sleeve in progress. This picture was taken after our first two hour session:


This second picture was after our second, two hour session. Notice how much slower the filling goes than the outlining. It’s a common misconception that tribal tattoos and quick because they are just all black, but is quite the opposite as it requires a steady paced technique to have a solid result.


I’m very exited finish it, will post more pictures as it develops.

Here is a second female half sleeve project in progress. Lots of symbology in this one. Outline session:


First detailing and shading session:


There’s a whole background that goes along with this, that is really cool, and I should be working on it soon. Pictures will follow.

That’s all for now folks, thanks for stopping by. Only a few days remain until the end of the year, and to the 3hr for $200 certificates. You can buy one by clicking on the link at the header of the page.

Have a great and happy new year! 
May the best of your past,
Be the worst of your future.

Drawing a Tree Tattoo

Last week I took a tracing from Gabriel’s side and mapped out where we wanted different elements of the piece to land on. That circle thing between top branches marks his nipple. The heart lands by his sternum and the trunk goes down his side. 


At this point I had already started to build the sketch, which is based on the album cover to The Used, In Love and Death. 


Here is the finished preliminary sketch. I don’t worry about shading at this point, I concentrate on forms, overall shape, and flow. It’ll probably go through at least one more revison as I prepare the linework that I’ll use for the tattoo. Specially since I can spot a few things already 😉 

I should be inking this pretty soon, will definitely post pics.

Happy Inked Up People

Here are some images of my work and some of the happy people sporting it.  More pictures will keep coming as I get time to work on building the tattoo site once again. Thanks for stopping by!


Farm Boy Fit from Miami Florida

Keeping the Nega-Vives away
Keeping the Nega-Vives away
Little but Fierce.
Little but Fierce.
Beautifying the Beautiful
Beautifying the Beautiful


Badges of honor

Thorns and Snakes


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